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Uhaul Rental Moving Truck | Canton and Clyde

U-Haul Moving Truck Rentals

Haywood Secure Storage has U-haul truck rentals conveniently located in Canton, and Clyde. Whether you're in a pinch, or need it next week, we are available to help you at any given time.

One Way Truck Rentals

Going somewhere, and don't plan on coming back? No problem! Select our One way truck rental, and simply drop the truck off at another certified dealer. U-Haul is here for your ease and convenience.

In Town Truck Rentals

Make your next local move an easy move. Pick up, and drop off at the same location. Although we can't help you with all the heavy lifting, we can make sure that it makes it there.

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Why rent a U-Haul moving truck?

We have the Right Equipment

U-Haul trucks are designed and manufactured specifically for moving houses. U-Haul trucks are mmore ergonomic with their low to the ground build, chassis skirts, comfortable cabs, and a plethora of other add-ons to help you move in ease!

Truck cab interior


  • All U-Haul's trucks 15’ and larger plus the pickup truck have seatbelts for three. The cargo vans and 10’ truck have comfortable bucket seats with seatbelts for two.
  • U-Haul's patented mirrors & large cabs allow for better visibility while driving.
  • Only U-Haul trucks have rub-rails on all three walls of the box allowing you to tie your furniture in to prevent it from shifting.
  • The exclusive space above the trucks cab—called a Mom's Attic®—is great for fragile items and electronics. Again, rub-rails on all three walls to secure the items in place.

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Two moving trucks, one with lower deck height

Ease of Loading and Unloading

  • All U-Haul moving trucks are engineered to get the loading deck as close to the ground as possible so loading your boxes and furniture takes half the work compared to loading a freight truck.
  • All U-Haul trucks 15’ and larger have a sturdy loading ramp to help you load and unload heavy items.

Fuel ecomony gauge in truck cab

Lowest Cost

  • All U-Haul trucks use regular unleaded fuel which is 3X more convenient than diesel fuel and cleaner on the environment.
  • U-Haul trucks feature a low profile design with enhanced aerodynamics which improves fuel efficiency.

Choosing the Right Size Moving Truck

U-Haul offers everything from a pickup truck rental for a local delivery to the 26’ moving truck rental for a large family move. With every phase of your life, come moments when you can rely on U-Haul trucks to help you get the job done.

10' U-Haul rental truck

Small Moves

Rent a 8' Pickup Truck, 9' Cargo Van, or 10' truck when tackling a small move. Maybe you're moving out of a shared home or a small studio apartment. Or maybe you just need to pick up a new purchase from a local big box store.

Large U-Haul rental truck

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Medium to Large Moves

How much do you have to move? We have a rental to cover that! Our medium to large moving trucks ar sized 15', 20', and 26'. They are all equipped with wide loading ramps, low decks, and super comfortable chairs. The 26' truck is the largest in our industry.


Tow your Car Behind a U-Haul Moving Truck and Save!

From our small 10' Truck, which is capable of towing a vehicle, to the 15' truck which has the capability of towing up to 10,000 lbs. This can help cut down the cost of driving two vehicles. Let's face it, gas isn't cheap.

Need Extra Space? Add on a U-Haul Trailer

U-Haul also allows for an extra trailer to be towed behind - which is great for when you're in need of extra space, without the budget of adding an extra truck.

U-Haul rental towing a vehicle

Your U-Haul truck rental reservation is guaranteed!

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